The ‘7’ Top Places to Find Foreclosed Properties For FREE and Create Wealth Beyond Your Imagination

1.) Pay sites – too many, they all look alike, who can you trust, is it worth the $30- $60 a month to subscribe?There are 3 obstacles to finding a foreclosed property: 

2.) Free Internet sites: Where are they? Do they even exist? Can’t find any? How manydifferentsitesarethere? 

3.) Is the information relevant? Is it fresh? Are the homes still available? Are they left-overs?

When beginning a search for the best bargains in the real estate market, foreclosures can be the home-buyers and investors very best friend. However the difficulty lies in finding the foreclosure inventory. Getting a list should be easy but it’s not. When searching for a FREE web site, search engine results present a minefield of pay Internet sites which leaves people even more frustrated because one is never sure if paying $30-$60 a month is worth it. Unfortunately for many the path to a foreclosure ends before it even begins.

Below are FREE, relevant, up-to-date foreclosure sites that will help you find that foreclosure which will become your dream home or investment property.

Government Owned Homes

  • HUD –

  • Freddie Mac -

  • Fannie Mae -

  • Rural Development -

  • New REO Site:

  • Veterans Administration – Are now on the HUD website as a HUD Home.


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